Online X-Ray Tech Schools – At Home Education at Low Cost

In today’s world of education, there are many options available for students who are seeking a degree in almost any area. While traditional college and university schools are still the number one way college students are getting a degree, online X-Ray tech schools, university, and college forums have increasingly become a great avenue to complete a college degree program. This is also true for people who seek degrees in the medical field and wish to complete programs in medical schools.

Why Online?

While many students thrive in medical universities and colleges in person, not all people seeking a degree have the ability to attend classes on campus. That is when online coursework is the perfect solution. Programs for online college medical schools are a great alternative for people who are looking to get a degree in the medical field. This includes those who are seeking an X-Ray Technician Degree.

Because an X-ray Technician college programs are responsible for teaching students a series of tasks that involve taking and processing X-rays and radiographic images, online class coursework is designed to be as detailed and substantive as in-person classes. Just as in-person coursework programs prepare college students for real-world career situations. X-Ray Tech programs offer extensive online courses that prepare students to be a fully trained technician.

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Online programs include training students to perform a variety of radiographic imagery procedures that include both traditional X-Rays as well as more in-depth procedures such as CT scans, ultrasounds, and sonograms. Both online and in person X-Ray tech class programs education requirements are extensively built on anatomy and physiology and all X-Ray tech programs should include this as basic mandatory coursework for all these degree programs.

The advantage of taking online classes and obtaining online degrees for x-ray technology is that students are offered very flexible class hours and can learn at the pace they are most comfortable with. Online X-ray schools allow students the opportunity to hear lectures, complete assignments, and respond to online forums at their own pace in their own schedule. For students with full-time employment or other family or personal responsibilities, online schools are often the best choice to earn a degree.

All X-ray tech coursework through online schools is designed to teach students both the basic and more advanced tech information they will need to know for their career. Students should be thorough in making sure the online course study programs include extensive training in how to prepare patients for radiographic imaging and how to complete the imaging.

X-Ray tech programs train students to have full knowledge of every aspect of what their level of degree requires as the industry standard in order to be employable as an X-Ray Tech upon completion of their degree programs. The degree program should include knowledge in the preparation of patients of radiographic imaging including how to prepare patients through proper instructions as well as learning procedurally on how to position the patient’s body during the radiographic imaging procedure.

Types of Programs Offered

There are some very good X Ray Technician Schools across the country and they offer a variety of degree programs as well as x-ray tech certificate programs. There are generally 3 primary accreditation program levels for primary X-ray Technicians. There are one-year certificate programs that give the basic understanding of procedures and allows graduates of these programs to be an assistant technician. The other two are basic degree programs that allow the graduate to be prepared to have a 2-year Associates Degree or a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree in X-Ray Technology.

The Coursework

No matter what the degree or certificate platform is, an X-ray technologist or assistant almost all schools that offer X-ray Technician degrees offer the same base curriculum which includes extensive coursework in human anatomy and body physiology.
Schools that offer the more advanced two and four-year degrees get more extensively involved in both the structure of the body and radiographic positioning of patients than the one-year certificate program. The more advanced degrees offered by medical schools, colleges and universities for four-year Bachelor degree programs or graduate programs, students can excel in specialized radiology areas of expertise including cardiovascular, ultrasound and designated CT scan technology.

Career Opportunities And Salary

Once a student completes their degree from an X-Ray Technician School, the degree will enable students to qualify for positions in their field in a host of radiographic imaging facilities. This includes laboratories, hospitals, clinics, outpatient treatment facilities, orthopedic physician offices, dental offices, OBGYN physician offices and a host of other medical physician offices.

Presently the estimates for growth in this field of medicine is strong. In fact, according to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) there is an expected 21% increase in the need for x-ray technicians in the next five years. This growth is expected to increase as baby boomers get older and their medical needs increase. The median income annual salary for xray technicians as of 2014 ranges between $47,255 and $55,870.

Searching For The Right Program

The current amount of online schools available that give x-ray tech degrees and certificates is extensive. However, all X-Ray Technician schools vary in cost, types of degrees offered online. That includes required online classes and coursework, length of semester and classes, what online student forums and support systems are available to students looking for an X-ray tech degree.

Like all colleges, students should recognize that all colleges and med schools platform for online courses are different. That is why it is important for students who are looking for X-Ray technician schools should be thorough in investigating the accreditation of the school as well as the school’s cost, types of degrees available, required classes and coursework, length of classes, online student forums and support systems that are available before they enroll.


Accreditation is a process that all colleges, universities and medical schools go through to be recognized as maintaining a standard of educational excellence accepted by a peer body of educational professionals. These accreditation boards are both governmental and field related. Since most students who are taking classes to become an X-Ray Technician get some type of financing for their degree, it is essential to understand the accreditation process and ensure the school of choice is accredited. This is vital in obtaining proper educational financing and job placement after the degree is completed.

Students are encouraged to specifically seek out Accredited Programs in Radiologic Technology from two of the primary accreditation boards. These are Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) and those under the affiliation of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) that are recognized with The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) accreditation. Attending a college with this type of accreditation will ensure the student can be prepared for the field of work in X-Ray technology and their degree will be accepted by most all potential employers.

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